Car wreck in student parking lot

By Victoria Lavelle

DCCC student Fatumata Yarmah inspects the damage to her vehicle after crashing into a tree in the student parking lot, while Marple Twp. Police officer John Murrin and DCCC security officer Rich Crowther gather information from Yarmah following the crash on Thursday, Sept. 5. Photo by Malcome Shareef Treasure

DCCC student Fatumata Yarmah, 22, lost control of her vehicle, skidded over the concrete parking barrier, rolled down the hill, and struck a tree before ultimately coming to an abrupt stop in the student parking lot at DCCC’s Marple campus at approximately 9 a.m. Thursday, Sept. 5.

“I couldn’t believe what I was seeing,” said Malcome Shareef Treasure, a student at DCCC and film producer at Militia Empire. “I pulled into my parking spot this morning and never expected to see that a student’s car had taken a nosedive straight into a tree trunk. After noticing that the student appeared uninjured, I pulled out my smartphone and snapped a photo.”

Marple Township Police officer John Murrin and backup officer Stephen Benecke responded to the scene of the crash, gathered information from Yarmah, and filed an incident report.

According to the report, Yarmah, who was parking her 2007 silver Nissan Versa, hit the accelerator instead of the brake causing her to go over the parking block and down the embankment head on into the tree.

DCCC campus security officer Rich Crowther was first to respond and handled the accident report, according to officer Murrin.

“I didn’t recognize who the student was,” Treasure said. “It’s a terrible way to start the day out for whoever it was. Hopefully they have car insurance.”
The Communitarian reached out to Yarmah via email, to which she replied and confirmed there were no injuries.

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