LatinX Student Association welcomes all students

By Gabriela Escaleras

LatinX Student Association Photo 2
The co-president of the LatinX Student Association, Eddet Alfaro, explains to students the activities the club will be organizing and participating in. Photo by Gabriela Escaleras

LatinX Student Association is back this semester and participated in the Spring Expo Club on Jan. 30 and 31 at DCCC’s Marple Campus from 10:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.

The president, Gary Hernandez, a computer science major, and the co-president, Eddet Alfaro, a general studies major, welcomed all students who want to explore and learn about Latin culture with some flyers and candies.

According to Hernandez, one of the activities the organization plans to do this semester is to keep supporting the “Dream Today” scholarship.

A scholarship that benefits first-generation college students or immigrant students who do not qualify for financial aid.

“We have many plans this semester including collaborating with other clubs for fundraisers, a movie night event, and other fun events,” Alfaro explained.

The organization also wants to continue doing community service. “Last semester we did a collaboration with the Social Work Club and Women in STEM and we collected hygiene items to donate to the Domestic Abuse Project of Delaware County,” Hernandez said.

In addition, Hernandez said they want to showcase the Latin culture by playing Latin games, teaching Latin history, sharing Latin food, and teaching Spanish to students.

Both Hernandez and Alfaro said they got involved in this club because they were part of the mentoring program and were invited to be part of the team. Since then, they have been working to keep the Latin culture alive.

“Being involved on campus makes the college life experience better and gives the student the opportunity to enhance their interpersonal skills and build long-life friendships,” Alfaro explained.

The Latin organization was founded in Spring 2013 under the name of “Latin Flavor Club.” By Spring 2018, the new members had changed the name to “LatinX Student Association.” Hernandez explained this change was made because new members desired to make this club more their own and more inviting.

Allyson Gleason, Director of Campus Life, explained students wanted to make the club more transparent that when people saw the information, they felt welcomed to the club.

“It was a great change for the students to make because it is more inclusive and easier for people to understand what they are doing and make it easier to identify with the group,” Gleason added. “Sometimes clubs choose club names that don’t necessarily always impart what their mission is or what they are doing, so then sometimes people miss the opportunity to be involved.”

Officers from the club invite all students to participate in their meetings held on Thursdays from 11:10 a.m. to 12:00 p.m. in Room 2167 on Marple Campus.

“The mission statement is to unify cultures,” Alfaro said. “LatinX Student Association is open to everyone who wants to experience the Latin culture and wants to practice Spanish with native speakers.”

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