Body modification: have we gone too far?

By Emily Steinhardt

Some women are forgoing the traditional engagement ring, opting instead to get a dermal piercing in their ring finger.
Photo courtesy of Flickr

Dermal engagement rings.

I saw a story on Snapchat the other day that the newest piercing trend is to have your ring finger pierced when you get engaged as opposed to receiving the traditional ring.

Body modification means to deliberately alter ones body, including practices such as ear piercing, nose jobs, and body building.

Humans have been modifying their bodies for at least 10 thousand years, which is when the art of tattoos is said to have originated. But are we going too far?

I don’t understand why or how some of these trends start.

Who suddenly thinks to themselves “I think that I should get my finger pierced.”

Why would you want to do that?

The process includes using a dermal punch to remove a small circle of flesh from the finger, then a small dermal anchor is inserted into the hole before a small base secures the dermal anchor in place.

The piercing is just an infection waiting to happen. Think about everything you use your hands for.

The amount of dirt and germs that would come into contact with the piercing as it heals is concerning, and frankly, disgusting.

Also, what happens if your marriage doesn’t last? 40 to 50 percent of marriages in the United States end in divorce. When you remove the piercing there will forever be a scar where the piercing was.

Additionally, your body naturally rejects foreign objects over time. Thus, if your marriage does last, you’re going to need to get your finger re-pierced repeatedly.

The average price of an engagement ring has passed six thousand dollars, so I can understand that a dermal piercing is not nearly as expensive as the traditional choice of jewelry. But, is it really worth paying $70 to $100 for something your body will eventually reject?

I understand that everyone is entitled to their body and owning your choices has it’s merit.

If you decide to go the non-traditional route, whatever the reason may be, it is your choice. Confidence is key to making anything work.

But you will not catch me with a dermal piercing anytime soon.

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