‘Blood Brotha’ Review: Gillie Da Kid gives up everything for love


Gillie Da Kid and Ashley “Ace” Dacons (top) lean in to kiss one another. Gillie Da Kid (bottom) wears a mask to disguise himself aiming a gun on the cover photo for the film “Blood Brotha.” Photo courtesy of facebook.com/bloodbrotha/Gillie-Da-Kid-movie.

By Theresa Rothmiller

Let’s talk about the response I get every time I ask, “Did you all see Gillie’s new movie?” Different ages of people from multiple areas of the city of Philadelphia ask, “The one on Netflix with Ving Rhames in it?”

Soon after the third person, the answers began to sound routine. Yes, Rhames is most definitely in the movie, but it’s a new film called “Blood Brotha.”

Rapper, actor, and entrepreneur, Gillie Da Kid, 33, always goes above and beyond to represent for the city of brotherly love. For the newly released film “Blood Brotha,” Gillie pairs with author and filmographer Rico Salam, Eugene “Shane-O” Connelly productions, Patryk Depa Film, and many other entrepreneurs, artists, and models from Philadelphia, Pa.

“Blood Brotha” is available for rent or purchase through Vimeo’s video streaming service called VHX tv, costing only $4.99 for a three-day rental trial or pay $10 to watch forever.

Juice (Gillie Da Kid), Moe (Shane O), and two other associates are stick-up boys. Not only do they take from high maintenance stores, they also steal from highly respected drug dealers.

After meeting Lisa (Ashley “Ace” Dacons), a psychologist major at Temple University on her first night employed with Onyx Gentleman’s club, Juice suddenly views life differently. Lisa explains to Juice why she’d become an exotic dancer. Later, she tells him something that will change the lives of every person they know.

That’s something I’ll never tell.

Now what’s a Gillie Da Kid movie, without Da Kid’s music? Therefore, it’s only right that the film’s soundtrack would be courtesy of Religious Records and Figga Gang Entertainment company. Most of the songs are written and performed by Gillie himself, such as, “Surviving,” “Live it Up,” and “Keep Me on Ice,” which relates very well with the unexpected twisted plot of events.

Other known rappers raised in Philadelphia do a great job showcasing their acting skills in “Blood Brotha.” Rap artists, such as Mike Knox, play a stick-up boy, and Black Dinero plays Moe’s (Shane-O) ex-girlfriend’s’ new boyfriend Jermaine.

Another enjoyable appearance is from writer and comedian Denny Live. Surprisingly, Live doesn’t tell a single joke during the emotional five minute scene.

As the plot thickens, the man that all my peers ask about, finally makes his grand appearance.

Rhames, playing an unusual character named Russell, appears to be untrustworthy to many people. Yet, as we all know, things aren’t always what they seem.

Although Rhames doesn’t appear throughout the beginning or middle of the movie, like some folks expect, the domination and professionalism he delivers makes up for a delayed entrance.

The dramatic and suspenseful film will have nail biters bleeding and shedding to the white meat. Others may find themselves anxiously on the edge of their seats, as I was.

I can’t lie. The film was worth all my dimes, something I haven’t said in a long time. I rate the film as 4 ½ stars.

Contact Theresa Rothmiller at communitarian@mail.dccc. edu

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