Take a trip to China with DCCC

Pictured are the students attending the China trip, while standing (left to right) are Assistant Professor Francesco Bellini; Fran Cubberley, vice president of Enrollment Management; Dr. Jerry Parker, president; Khadeem Ambrose, student; Helen Maguire, administrative assistant, International Programs and provost’s office; and Dr. Sabuur Abdul-Kareem, director of International Programs and Partnerships. Photo courtesy of Dr. Sabuur Abdul-Kareem.

By Emily Craft

Dr. Sabuur Abdul-Kareem, the director of International Programs and Partnerships, is raising awareness to give DCCC students the opportunity to travel across the world.

“Other colleges and community colleges are now seeing that we have to prepare students for international travel for the job market,” Abdul-Kareem said.

Recently, the college partnered with Widener University to offer six students the opportunity to attend class at Widener on Wednesdays from 4 p.m. to 6 p.m. and spend four weeks in China at the Chongqing Technology and Business University from May 10 to June 4.

“We started out partnering up with Widener and Arcadia University so we could get things going,” Abdul- Kareem said.

Arcadia University will be running a similar program to Widener University in the coming semesters added Abdul-Kareem.

Students were required to learn about China by taking the course HUM 289, The China Academic and Exchange Program. The classes are taught by professor Francesco Bellini from DCCC and Dr. Paula Silver from Widener University.

To be eligible for this course, students must have earned a minimum of 12 credits by the start of the spring semester and must have a minimum average GPA of 2.5.

“The courses students will take while studying in China are normally humanities or social science courses,” Abdul-Kareem said. “But they will always transfer back to us as social science credits.”

DCCC student Angelique Nobles, an early childhood education major, will be going to China in the summer.

“The trip will help me with my major for early childhood education because I will learn about the culture,” Nobles said. “I am all about the different cultures in childcare.”

The China trip will cost students approximately $3,500, but students are able to receive some financial assistance and they can apply for scholarships that will help reduce the cost of the trip Abdul- Kareem explained.

Students that are interested in attending future study abroad courses and trips can stop by the International Programs Office located in Room 3250 at the Marple campus.

“We are working on getting these trips displayed online so students can find it there,” Abdul- Kareem said. “For now, they will be on the announcements and by looking at the fliers in the office.”

Abdul- Kareem said he is willing to help any student that may show an interest in traveling the world or learning a new culture or language.

DCCC student Katherine Strine, a general studies major who attends the Pennocks Bridge campus, is another student that will be attending the upcoming China trip.

“I hope to make a connection with the people and students in China,” Strine said. “I want to go with an open mind and learn about the culture around me.”

Meanwhile, DCCC is teaming up with Arcadia University to offer study abroad trips like Costa Rica, Cyprus, England, Greece, Ireland, Italy and South Africa. Students would attend the class at Arcadia University for the semester, then they would take a one to two week trip to the country they are studying.

Sign up dates are yet to be determined for Arcadia University, but any student interested in these countries should contact Dr. Abdul- Kareem and get more information by emailing sabdulkareem@dccc. edu or calling (610)-355-7143.

Contact Emily Craft at communitarian@mail.dccc.edu

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