Where is the love? (Hint: It’s not just on the 14th)

By Hania Jones

It comes without a warning. Before you know it, Cupid’s arrows and heart-shaped candy are abound.

It almost seems like a nightmare for some, but for others, a daydream. Whether you cringe or embrace it, Valentine’s Day comes once every year.

When it does arrives, it elicits an array of pessimism and optimism. People often reflect on Valentine’s Day as the sole reminder of their relationship status, whether single or attached.

There is a stigma about the holiday being the day proving the measure of one’s love. Many mistaken the date as the ultimate validation of someone’s love.

What people often ignore is that Valentine’s Day is not the test of one’s love and compassion. There is a misconception that showing love is restricted to a certain date out of the 365 days on a calendar.

However, love should be shown all 365 days of the year. Love should be given and received everyday by friends, family, and significant others.

Love should be effortless and easy. It should not be justified with gigantic teddy bears with “I Love You” embedded on their chests, rich chocolates, or bouquets of roses.

Love should be shown by actions of kindness in any type of relationship. Whether you’re involved, have friends and family, it is the simple things such as being there for them and telling them how much they are appreciated is what matters.

The world we live in right now is turbulent and at times, unpredictable. It is vital to keep our love for others as open and free as it can be.

Compassion and tenderness are traits that we need to possess to combat the hatred and ignorance that is plaguing the world. Showing love always, no matter what, is the key to strive for unity in the world.

Remember, on this Valentine’s Day, whether sitting at home with a tub of ice cream watching rom-coms or having a candlelit dinner with a sweetheart, love is found everyday in our interactions. It is just a matter of giving, no matter what.

Contact Hania Jones at communitarian@mail.dccc.edu

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