A local favorite passes the palete test

A three course meal featuring grilled chicken tacos, margherita pizza, and chocolate lovin’ spoon cake at Fresco Pizza & Grill. Photos by Nicholas Gallo

By Nicholas Gallo

Are you in the mood for bruschetta, gyros, and chocolate luvin spoon cake? If so, head down Route 252 to Fresco Pizza & Grill in Newtown Square, a small fusion restaurant with reasonable prices and ample parking wrapped around the building.

Inside the restaurant, all the tables are made of wood with a smooth surface. They were so clean that I could see my own reflection. I sunk in the black leather seats like quicksand, feeling immediately relaxed. The lights were dim and easy on the eyes. I didn’t feel like I was sitting in an early morning class with the fluorescent lights flickering.

Tan curtains near some of the tables offer creativity but are hazardous as there is a high risk of tripping or hitting another person’s chair.

Walking in, I noticed the families and friends socializing with each other having a good time. My social anxiety melted away, like snow in March. Within five minutes, a employee greeted and seated me at a booth.

The staff kept themselves occupied by monitoring the dining area to keep the joint clean. The staff had an assembly line process that helped customers enjoy their dining experience.

On the menu, I saw a variety of choices that interested me. What caught my attention were the first bites, the specialty sandwiches, and the desserts. The menu also included stone fired pizza, pasta, panninis, wraps, salads, angus beef burgers, a children’s menu, and coffee and drinks.

The first bites section offered bruschetta as my appetizer. When the waitress set my plate down on the table, I notice the presentation of the dish was well put together. The baguettes were spaced out properly with lines of olive oil going across them and tiny squares of chopped up tomatoes topping the dish.

According to the menu, the ingredients consist of “diced roma tomatoes marinating in extra virgin olive oil and fresh herbs, on a toasted Lebus Baguette.” The baguette was firm and crisp. I could hear the crunch with every bite.

Juices from the chopped up squared tomatoes and sprinklings of the olive oil helped contrast the thick baguette to excite my taste buds with flavor.

After my bruschetta, I ordered a gyro for my entree. Wrapped in pita bread, seasoned with ground lamb, topped off with tomatoes, red onion, tzatziki sauce, and was served with a side of either fries or chips. The sizzling dish arrived, bursting with flavor. Tzatiki sauce combined with the pita bread, lamb, and tomatoes created a complementary flavor that flowed like waves on a beach.

With my first bite, I felt a light texture with the pita bread. The tin foil wrapped around the sandwich helped keep the flavors of all the ingredients together so that in one bite I could savor the flavor.

For dessert I splurged on chocolate luvin spoon cake. Before even taking the first bite, I noticed the drippings of raspberry sauce, whipped cream sprayed so nicely on the side, and the slice of chocolate fudge cake waiting to be eaten. Mixing the whipped cream with the chocolate cake made the dish melt in my mouth.

In short, Fresco Pizza & Grill was an enjoyable dining experience. Although some items are pricey, I recommend reserving a table for a first date or a group outing with a bunch of friends.

Contact Nicholas Gallo at communitarian@mail.dccc.edu

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