Would you recommend friends and family to get an education at DCCC?

By Brendan Gunn

“I would recommend friends attend DCCC because it’s a really good school, the professors are really caring, and it’s not too hard of a school to start college.” Essam Tamer Elburshoumi, 23, business
“Yes, because the experience I have had here is one of the best experiences of my life. I’m transferring to Temple, but if I could stay for four years I would.” Quanisha Swiggett, 28, biology
“Probably, but it depends what they are coming for because it could be cheaper than a four-year school for certain majors.” Samuel Larson, 18, graphic design
“Yes, because it’s not expensive, and there’s no debt after finishing.” Rachel Kahn, 23, gaphic design
“Yes, and I already have recommended my sister.” Justin Gans, 20, studio art
“Yes. The teachers are nice and helpful, and it’s a good learning environment.” Taron Howie, 23, web development
“Yes, because it’s a great diverse place, and you can really find yourself here.” Haris Kahn, 21, computer science
“Yes, because my parents came here too, and their recommendation is working out for me.” Zack Burns, 18, undecided

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