Who’s got your vote? Area students weigh in on presidential race

By Justice Colmon

“Hillary Clinton has my vote because I feel like the United States needs a change and Hillary just might be that change.” Quaned Wilson, 19, Harris School of Business, dental assistant major.
“I’ll vote for Hillary because she is the lesser of the two evils. Plus I agree with freedom of choice which Trump and the Republicans seem to want to take away from the American people.” Shannon Darnell Sr., 40, Liberty University, psychology crisis counseling major.
“I’ll probably vote for Hillary Clinton because I don’t want to vote for Trump.” Michaela Erbin, 21, University of Pennsylvania, psychology major.
“I’m not voting because I don’t like any of the candidates.” Alec Hasson, 18, DCCC Marple Campus, science for health professions major.
“I don’t want to vote because both of the candidates are not where they need to be for our country. Trump only thinks about money and Hillary puts on a show for everybody, but it doesn’t seem like she means it.” Dylan Keitot, 20, DCCC Upper Darby Center.
“I’m voting for Hillary Clinton because she is more for the people.” Tameka Critchlow, 38, DCCC Marple Campus, psychology major.

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