What do you like most about DCCC? What do you like the least?

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Briana Carleo-  

After graduating from Upper Darby High School, I opted to get my associate degree at DCCC, despite the stigma that is often attached to many community colleges.

As a new graduate, I was eager to achieve my academic goals; the setting was not important. However, the most frequently asked question after graduation was ,“Where will you be attending college?”

When I would give my response, the most frequent response was “Oh, that’s okay.”

Community college is overlooked when compared to four year universites and so attending community college after high school becomes regarded as something one should feel bad about.

As a result, I came to DCCC with a negative perspective after hearing comments from my peers that seemed sympathetic to my college environment.

However, after actually experiencing community college first hand, I could not be happier with my decision to use community college as a bridge to a four year school.

Some of the highlights of DCCC are the intimate classroom settings, the easy-to-navigate campus and the array of resources. DCCC allowed me to foster my skills and focus my interests and ambitions to achieve what will soon become an associate degree.

The cost was by far the best part about attending here. For a fraction of the price, I am confident that I have recieved a solid education, no different than my peers attending universities . The two year interval between high school and a four year college allowed me to gain confidence in myself and smoothed the transition from an inexperienced 18-year-old to the motivated individual I am proud to be today. I would absolutely recommend DCCC as a start on the journey to one’s educational destination.


Joshua Smith-

If you are looking for a learning experience that includes a wonderful faculty and a beautifully equipped, pristine campus, then DCCC is exactly what you are looking for.

True professionals with a passion for teaching others would be a great way to describe the faculty here .

The professors have been nothing but helpful, encouraging, and willing to spend extra time either after class, or during office hours to help with any questions I have had.

Personal attention is first and foremost during class. The small class sizes make getting involved in class easy and somewhat inevitable. The close knit classes

spark a sort of enthusiasm for learning and a great way to hear a wide range of input from other students that, in a large lecture hall, may not have gotten involved.

I have experience at a four year university and it pales in comparison to what DCCC has to offer in terms of getting involved in class. DCCC also boasts a well-equipped campus that is clean and well maintained. Feel free to breathe in the fresh, smoke free campus air on your way to one of the many computer stations, quiet study areas, or even the fitness center for a quick workout.

The only thing I would change about DCCC would be the administrative offices, more specifically the records office. They are sometimes disorganized, and the lack of personal attention can leave one feeling confused and full of unanswered questions.

In my case, there was a plethora of mistakes made; my courses were not set up correctly, and my courses needing prerequisites were mishandled. My financial aid was not disbursed correctly because the office had my birthdate incorrect.

The list goes on. Along with an archaic online interface, anything administrative can be a nightmare. DCCC needs to update its website and the Delagate student portal. These sites desperately need re- formatting and an overhaul.


Alicia Stearn-

During my senior year of high school, I never pictured myself attending college. Neither of my parents, nor my older brother went to college. My parents didn’t have the money, so I didn’t expect to attend anywhere.

Throughout high school, though, I learned what my passion was and what I wanted a career doing. School always excited me and I love to learn.

So I came up with the money and the next thing I knew was registering for classes at Delaware County Community College. And that’s what I like most about the school. It’s so affordable and people from all backgrounds attend. The college works well with their financial aid to help students get the money they need. Even without financial aid, I think the college still has fairly low costs, despite textbook prices, which can’t be beat at any other college or university.

The resources that the college offers are also very helpful. From the computer and printing services at each campus to the online help through Delagate, the school’s wide range of resources make it so easy to get help and pass.

Therefore, I feel that I am getting my money’s worth when I pay my tuition.

I have also never had a bad experience with a professor since I’ve been here. The professors at this school have very good communication skills with their students and are willing to help if the student is willing to ask. That is one thing that I think it’ll be hard to find somewhere else.

Professors always provide their office hours and best method of contact on the syllabus and go over it the first day of class. This is a very welcoming aspect of the classroom that the professors then follow through with the rest of the semester.

I have always felt more involved in my classes that way, knowing when my professor is available. Having smaller classes also make it easier to stay in contact with students and professors.

One thing I dislike about the college, however, which is probably an issue nationwide, would be the heavy use of technology. For most of my classes, we are doing homework, taking tests, and reading textbooks online.

This is a good way to conserve paper; however, it’s harder for the traditional students to learn if they are forced to take the quizzes and do homework online.

I like having a hard copy of my textbook so I can physically touch what it is I’m trying to learn, but computerizing it makes it harder to understand.

Nevertheless, DCCC is a great start to further my education, and I do not have any regrets.

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