‘Airplane Repo’ star launches new ale

Monday, October 5, 2015

By Maryleigh Sharp and Erica Setnick

2SP, a new brewing company in Aston Pa., held a tailgating party Sept. 16 to celebrate the release of Ken Cage’s new beer “Yachtsee” English Ale.

The event featured the series finale of “Airplane Repo,” a Discovery Channel hit television series about repossessing private airplanes and other luxury items.

Two Stones Pub, 2SP, is a Delaware County-based brewing company in Aston, Pa. Despite only opening on Aug. 4, 2SP offers multiple beers as well as public tours for brewery visitors.

“I am proud of my Delco roots and so is 2SP,” said Cage who graduated from DCCC. “So it just made sense to do the Delco thing.”

Many people were in attendance that day, including representatives from 96.5 AMP Radio and VH1, who were drawn to the tailgate because of Cage’s public persona.

Cage, a private jet repo man and TV star for the show, is a father of four who brewed his own beer with 2SP called, “Yachtsee” English Ale.

“Yachtsee is my trademark,” said Cage. “My producers wanted me to come up with something to yell when I found my asset and I tried about nine different things before saying Yachtsee.”

Ken Cage’s daughter Maddy Cage, a nursing major at DCCC, was also there to support her father. “It’s so weird for me because I don’t see him as a TV star. I just see him as my dad.”

When talking to Cage about future plans with the company, he said everything was open for more ideas.

“I have no experience with brewing,” Cage said. “Bob Barrar, [head brewer of 2SP] has won 29 national awards, so I’m sticking with him.”

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