DCCC student becomes publicist for Grammy- nominated recording artist

Friday, March 13, 2015

By Shanaya Day-Merkerson 

When Miller approached Neef, he knew the artist’s album, “Forever Do Me 7,” was to be released Jan. 19. “It was perfect timing and I couldn’t let this chance slip away,” Miller said. “I asked him if he had a publicist. He didn’t say yes or no. I told him what I was in school for, then he asked for my phone and saved his contact info.”

A few days later, Neef ’s team contacted Miller with an album press release they wanted sent out to various media outlets. Miller made edits to the release before forwarding it to the media and, according to Miller, the recording artist’s team was very impressed with his work.

Miller said his version of the release can be found on thesource.com, hiphopsince1987.com and many more hip-hip blogs. Although timing was very essential in this situation, Miller said it was his persistence and his outgoing personality that got him the job.

“Your first impression has to be your best impression,” Miller said. “The team knew I was serious about working with them and as soon as they gave me the opportunity I didn’t waste any time.

When they told me to do something I got it done immediately: sending emails, making phone calls, setting up interviews and promotional events. Whatever they needed, I got it done.”

Since then, Miller said he’s played a major role in the promotional run of Neef’s album and has built a close relationship with the rapper on a professional level.

Miller said he’s always learning from Neef, an independent artist, about how to build brands in this business along with different ways of networking which is helping Miller become a better publicist.

“I learned a lot from that man,” Miller said. “I plan on taking the things I’ve learned from him and using it with my own brand one day.”

Having taken journalism and public relations classes at DCCC, Miller believes that he is prepared enough to apply what he learned inside the classroom outside the classroom so he is considering taking some time off from school to focus on his career and to build his own brand.

Miller said that modern technology allows him to be able to do his job better.

He said all the information he needs is easily accessible through his iPhone, which makes his job somewhat easier.

One thing that could potentially make the job harder, Miller said, is social media. “If something goes down, people will tell what happened based on how they saw it happen”, Miller said.

He continued to explain the importance of celebrities having publicists to help protect their image if needed.

“Let’s say two celebrities get into a bar fight and things escalate,” Miller said. “Who do you think writes the official press release? The publicist.”

In the future, Miller plans to own a public relations firm, which will be called The Miller Group.

“Being given this opportunity really humbled me,” Miller said. “It shows me that hard work really does pay off. I know a very successful future lies ahead of me.”

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