DCCC offers students several resources to help them succeed

Friday, March 13, 2015

By Joe Andrew

DCCC offers many services to help students get a better education, which can be beneficial on college transfer applications, job applications, and more.

But most students do not know what the college offers. Three departments that help students make the most of their education are Career and Counseling, Campus Life and Student Employment and Co- Op Services.

Career and Counseling Center

The career and Counseling Center, located in Room 1325, helps keep students on task by offering specific plans, workshops, seminars and other activities to help students achieve their goals for success.

“The Career and Counseling Center is a place where students can come to get help reaching their educational goals,” said Christine Doyle, director of the Career and Counseling Center. “Our mission is really to do what we can so that students can be successful both here at Delaware County Community College and beyond.”

Appointments can be made at the Career and Counseling Center for transferring, scheduling new classes, and overall mentoring for collegiate success.

“They really helped me when I changed my major from communications to education,” said student Amanda McMaster. “It helped me find out more closely what career I can have when I graduate.”

This semester the Career and Counseling Center has many transfer fairs to help students meet representatives from area colleges and universities, such as Widener, Temple, West Chester and more.

A transfer fair for La Salle University will be held March 24 at 11 a.m. in the Academic Building. Also, a transfer fair for Widener University will take place March 25 at 10 a.m. Other events are listed in the Career & Counseling Center’s Spring 2015 Workshop Calendar, available around campus.

“Coming into college I had no clue about the resources available,” said network engineering major Josh Ethridge. “After meeting with a counselor I was able to find out about transfer information as well as student employment. It was a huge help.”

Campus Life

Campus Life, located in Room 2518, helps students get involved by offering specific educational activities, clubs, and extracurricular events.

“Campus Life provides students with opportunities to connect with faculty outside the classroom,” said Director of Campus Life Amy Williams Gaudioso, who added that students do so by participating in clubs and events that “help students develop college connections that increase their likely hood of persisting.”

Students can join clubs, such as the Creative Writing club, the Student Government Association and more, through Campus Life.

Student Employment Services And Co Op Center

Students looking for employment and internship opportunities can visit the Student Employment Services and Co-Op Center in Room 1305 to take advantage of job search assistance, internship and co-op programs, and work study.

Internships and co-op programs help students gather knowledge in a career of their choosing. These services are “available to all students,” said Carlotta Randolph, managing director of Workforce Employment Services. “Internships are also available to gain hands-on exposure.”

These are not the only departments where students can receive important services. Students can also visit the Writing Center, Learning Commons and Financial Aid Office.

For more information on the student resources the college offers visit www. dccc.edu or Delagate.

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