Getting to know your countries food

Monday, December 8, 2014

By Maryleigh Sharp

On Nov. 13, Amy Williams Gaudioso, director of Campus Life, bought to DCCC the 20th annual Multicultural Festival in the STEM lobby at 10:30.

A variety of countries were featured in the STEM lobby including Mexico, Italy, Ireland to Haiti.

 The countries offered one dish of food that students could try at their stations. People could go to Mexico for some churros, Chile for some Bruschetta, and Europe had sweet potato pie.

 When people would stop by each station, the people running the tables would usually tell a fun fact about the country.

“My family grew up in the southern part of Chile, yet I was born here in the U.S.,” said attendee and psychology major Gina Diluzio.

According to Andrew Johnson, director of Wellness, Athletics and Recreation, all of the food for the event was made in the DCCC cafeteria, because of PA regulation.

“I know I don’t have to go to the cafeteria to spend $5 on food when I can just try food here and get full off of it,” said business administration major Ryan Murphy.

   Many students said that they had a blast trying all the different foods from around the world.

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