How to witchfully think of a Halloween costume

Monday, October 27, 2014

By Maryleigh Sharp

There was a long line at the Halloween store in Springfield, Pa. on Hallow’s Eve and no costumes were available. Emily Murphy, a 21-year-old nursing major at Neumann University, didn’t know what to do.

Murphy had to be at a Halloween party at 6 p.m. and show everyone she had the best costume.

Then she had an idea: “Why not make my own costume with scraps of things around my house?” she wondered.

Murphy said she also wanted to save money. “Now don’t get me wrong,” she said. “I was working, but I just spent my money on other things I thought I needed. I still loved not having to spend money [on a costume].”

A good store-bought costume can run from $20 to $100.

Murphy said that making the bat costume was fun. She looked up some ideas online and found a picture of a bat and figuredit would be less time consuming to make.

So she got an old black umbrella and cut it down the middle. Then Murphy got an old black hoodie and stapled it to the sleeves.

“I did my makeup all cool so it was less lame,” Murphy said. “You could barely see the staples because I colored them black with a marker.”

When Murphy received a call at 8 p.m. saying the Halloween party was cancelled she was furious, she recalled.

“When I got that call I wanted to rip up my bat costume,” she said. “It took me four hours to make and all for nothing.”

But Murphy didn’t let the costume go to waste. Wearing the bat costume, she took her little sister Molly, 7, out for trick- or-treating around the neighborhood.

For the next couple of years Murphy continued to make her own Halloween costumes. She made a hippy costume and a little kid costume.

For others on a limited budget Murphy shared the following steps to create the perfect witch and devil costume, both of which cost less than a Pumpkin Spice Latte grande size at Starbucks.


How to Make the Witch Costume

Gather the Materials

You will need a broom, a tan or black belt, a witch hat, and a plastic black table cloth. “It doesn’t matter what size the

tablecloth is, but try and go with something that fits your height range,” Murphy said. “Some of these items can also be purchased at your local dollar store.”

Prepare and Cut Tablecloth

“This part is fun,” Murphy said.

Lay down the tablecloth and fold it long ways so it’s half the size. The tablecloth will be the witch’s dress. Now cut the folded bottom in the shape of 4 inch triangles to make the hem of the dress.

“You can cut them any way really, but I like the triangle look for the witch costume,” Murphy said.

Then, cut the top of the tablecloth in an oval shape so you can slide your head through.

Try on the Costume and Add Accessories

Slip the tablecloth over your head and tie the belt around your waist.

“Personally, I think the belt adds not only [pizazz] to the costume but also helps a person show off her figure.” Murphy said.

Place the hat on your head and grab your broom so you can “fly” around the neighborhood.

How to Make the Devil Costume

Search Your Closet

“The devil costume is the easiest to make when you have no time,” Murphy

said. ”    Murphy recommended that you try to find a red shirt and black pants. But, if you wanted to spice things, up you could also wear a black shirt and black pants, with red shoes.

Visit the Dollar Store

Murphy stated that you can buy a mask that covers the eyes and a headband with devil horns and ooza pitchfork at the dollar store for just $3.

At Home

Put the headband with devil horns on first and then add the mask.

Time for the Parties

Grab your pitchfork and prepare to terrify your local party goers.“Even though I didn’t have a lot of money for my first costume, I still wanted to look like I did,” Murphy said. “I saved over $300 these past couple of years just because I didn’t go to the Halloween store to buy a costume.”

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