Album Review: ‘Queen Forever’ by Queen

Monday, October 27, 2014

By William Powers

Special to The Communitarian

Being a rock band is one thing. Being a legendary rock band is a totally different thing.

When you’re a legendary band, you can do anything you want to and be guaranteed a success.

Recently, the British rock group Queen, now under guidance of guitarist Brian May and drummer Roger Taylor, have done that recently.

They’ve been touring with Paul Rogers in the mid-to-late 2000s, performing with the likes of Wyclef Jean and Jessie J, and recently touring with Adam Lambert.

While these actions may alienate their long-term fans while create new ones, both groups of followers are sure to be delighted by the band’s upcoming compilation, “Queen Forever.”

This compilation will feature three previously unreleased tracks: “Love Kills,” “Let Me in Your Heart Again,” and “There

Must Be More to Life than This,” along with carefully selected songs that combine well-known, songs including “Somebody to Love,” “You’re My Best Friend” with lesser-known songs “Sail Away Sweet Sister” and “Drowse.”

The album, which can be found in a one-disc and two-disc format, goes on sale Nov. 10th and is definitely worth a listen, regardless of how long you’ve been a fan. Some other songs on the album include “Who Wants to Live Forever,” “Spread Your Wings,” and “Crazy Little Thing Called Love.”

It covers Queen’s entire run as a band (1971-1995), so it certainly does have a variety of sounds to it.

Every song featured on the album is unique and pleasing to the ear. Please do yourself a favor and pick up the album, because I know I will.

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By William Powers

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