Welcome Back Social gives new opportunities for DCCC students

Monday, October 6, 2014

By James Pearson

DCCC’s Campus Life Office offered its Welcome Back Social to students at the Upper Darby Center Sept. 18.

The event encouraged students interested in creating, joining a club or student government branch.

Tables were set up in the Upper Darby Center, while the presenters waited for students to finish classes. Once students began congregating to the tables, Assistant Director of Campus Life Allyson Yacovett and Student Activities Coordinator Richard Smith began answering questions.

During the process students decorated sugar cookies and enjoyed ice tea and water as Yacovett discussed the services and programs offered. “Clubs are open to anyone as long as you’re a student,” Yacovett said. “But the clubs are in the recruiting process so we’ll need to see if they will become active for students to join.”

According to Yacovett, the process for starting a club involves three factors which are having three students who have the same interest as the person wanting to create the club, a constitution given by Campus Life, and an advisor necessary to facilitate the club.At least eight clubs need to be active on DCCC’s Marple Campus and four on the other branch campuses. The club listing for last semester included 40 clubs that were active on each of the campuses. Film club is the only active club so far that is accessible on DCCC’s Upper Darby campus, added Yacovett.


“I came to just browse the clubs that are available,” said attendee and liberal arts major Liyi Chang. “I haven’t found anything that interested me.” According to Yacovett, other information that was available included membership in the S.G.A. (Student Government Association). For students wishing to be part of the S.G.A., they need to fill out and then submit a member application to the Campus Life Office so their GPA can be verified. General members must have a minimum 2.0 GPA and officers must have a minimum 2.5 GPA. If the student meets the minimum GPA requirement, their information is added to the membership list so that the Chairperson of the S.G.A. can contact them. If they do not have the minimum GPA, Campus Life will reach back out to that student and notify him or her that they do not meet the GPA required for membership.“We emphasize students to join clubs,” Yacovett said. “The Campus Life Office is readily available to assistance students in finding a club that interest them.”

By James Pearson

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