Students create MESA to help the earth

Monday, October 6, 2014


By Alyssa Wilson

Special to The Communitarian

Encouraging    the environmental protection at Delaware County Community College is one of several important initiatives facing the college’s student body.In Fall 2013 this issue was brought forth to the student community. The Modern Environmental Sustainability progress

Association (MESA), founded by Nick Jackson, was established as the first real student effort towards environmental awareness with the intention of allowing current students a voice in environmental efforts both on and off campus.In its first academic year, the club started work on an organic garden, adopted a highway for Earth Day, and established a hiking trail for student leisure, enjoyment, and exercise. These projects featured partnerships with the Human Services Club, the Military Club, and the Art Club.

This year, MESA will operate on the basis of two primary concentrations: (1) the continued establishment of an organic community garden to be completed for the spring semester, and (2) the garnering of educative resources to bring to campus on how food production and different health practices correlate with DCCC student- life and the environment. As a club thatbelieves in improving the trajectory of environmental sensitivity at DCCC, MESA provides students with the opportunity to collaborate with others on how to give back to the environment.

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