DCCC renovates Marple Campus… again

Monday, October 6, 2014

By Maryleigh Sharp

DCCC is undergoing phase 3 of its campus wide renovations, some of which are scheduled to be finished by Spring 2015.

Phase 1 focused on improving the STEM Building and Advanced Technology Building. Phase 2 focused on converting the library to a Learning Commons and making better use of empty space on Marple Campus.

Phase 3 involves renovating parts of the Academic Building and Founders Hall, the latter of which will be started Oct. 20.

The renovations will consist of a new Enrollment Services Center, Institutional Advancement Area, Student Center and Dining/Lounge Expansion.

The staff in the Enrollment Service Center will also be fully upgraded, which means students will work with current and new staff to make registering for classes easier, as well as getting help with financial aid, DCCC President Jerry Parker said.

“I was thinking we would never be able to do this because it is so costly,” said Parker, adding, “[but] integrating all of these [services] will be better for all of the students.”

Admissions, Cashier, Customer Service, Financial Aid and Records will all be in one area instead of in different buildings. Students will receive an appointment ticket and if they can not meet at that time, they will have a smart phone app to tell them when to come back, Parker said.

“I wish they had this process when I was here, “said Sofia Deliopoulos, a psychology major at DCCC. “I hate the fact that after I am leaving this semester, everything is going on at DCCC.”

After completion, students using the Dining/Lounge area will be able to sit in front of the glass windows or in a separate room to do homework while eating.With the new Student Center, students will have all their clubs and extra- curricular activities in one general area. Students who play sports can visit Andrew Johnson, director of Wellness/Athletics/ Recreation, or learn about clubs on campusfrom Amy Williams Gaudioso, director of Campus Life.

“I am a full-time student and it’s easier to find Amy Williams Gaudioso now if I have any questions about the clubs because I didn’t even know she had an office before,” said Brandon Bronson, computer science major at DCCC.

According to a campus-wide letter released by Tony DeLuca, director of Plant Operations and Construction Services, the replacement of the six original elevators in both the Academic and Founders Hall Buildings will also begin on Oct. 1.

“There will be signs posted for safe travel around the areas as well as security present at times needed to help with directions,” DeLuca stated in a letter released Sept. 15.

Although the construction is scheduled to end Spring 2015, Parker said, “We are ahead of schedule.”

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