There’s an app for DCCC

There’s an app for DCCC



The myDCCC app is currently available for all Apple IOS (iPhones and iPads), Andriod and Kindle Fire u. Students can download the free app from iTunes, Google Play and Amazon.

                                                               Photo courtesy of DCCC 


editor wins

$1000 scholarship from PABJ


Johann Calhoun, copy desk editor of the Philadelphia Tribune and president of the Philadelphia Association of Black Journalists, is caught off guard as he presents the Knight Foundation Scholarship winner, Ashley Caldwell, with a check for $1,000 Feb. 11.

                                                       PhotombyBonnie McMeans

By Stephanie Kadingo

On Dec. 18, 2013, Delaware County Community College sent out an email informing students of a new smartphone app called myDCCC.

The decision the college made in developing an app may come as no surprise seeing as how quickly technology is evolving.

“The school saw how things were changing,” said Mujtaba Talebi, Administrator for Business & Computer Information Systems at DCCC. “Laptop sales are going down. People are buying more tablets and smart phones and the app is something that students wanted.”

The myDCCC app is essentially like having Delagate in an app form. This gives students another way to stay connected with DCCC no matter where they are.

Students will log in using their Delagate sign on. Once the student signs in, there is a tab in the top left corner, which allows access to many of the features that are currently available on Delagate. Students are able to see their grades, once they are posted at the end of the semester, view their course schedules and see school closings and any individual class cancelations.

There is a section for the bookstore where students have the ability to purchase any necessary course materials without having to connect to the internet.

There are links to DCCC’s social media sites on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, as well as a spot to view campus news and upcoming events.

There are some links, such as Delagate, the DCCC website, and student email, which will redirect students to the internet, and may require the student to sign in again.

DCCC has already begun to receive constructive feedback regarding the new app and every suggestion that is made is being taken seriously.

According to Talebi, one of the common complaints was that there are links to college locations, but nothing in regards to traffic notifications.

By clicking on ‘College Locations and Traffic,’ students are now given a choice as to which campus they would like to view for the current flow of traffic. If there are any traffic restrictions, there is a red exceptions button that students can click on to see the location of the restriction as well as when it is expected to end.

Another suggestion that is currently being worked on is the multiple sign on, though there is not a date set for when this change will happen.

“We want students to know that we are not trying to hassle them with multiple log-ins.” said Talebi.

In addition to the change with log in procedures, course registration is another feature that will be added in the future. This will allow students to register for their courses right from the app.

Along with the changes to the app, the IT department is also looking at ways to make the DCCC website more mobile friendly for smart phone users.

There will be changes to the theme color as well as a new mega menu, which will allow for less clicking and changes will be made to allow the site to fit screens better, depending on which type of device the student is using. This will allow students to see the mobile website without having to zoom in.

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