The Workforce Entry Center helps job seekers


The Workforce Entry Center on DCCC’s Marple Campus welcomes people looking to find better employment

                                                                     Photo by Windy Joseph

By James Pearson

The Workforce Entry Center (WEC) is an employment service office that was founded at DCCC’s Marple campus and opened in 2001. For years, the center has been a location for people who are unemployed and people who are currently employed, but seeking employment.

The WEC partners with PA CareerLink to provide workshops and information sessions that are designed to assist individuals. A staff of 14 members are available on site to offer help with individual leadership, job training, and skill advancement.

In 1998, the Workforce Investment Act was created and provided funding for each one of the states to put together a career center called the “One Step Career Centers,” according to Susan Bond, director of the Workforce Entry Center.

“Each state had a choice of how they were going to name the center. After awhile Pennsylvania started calling the center Team PA CareerLink, but then it evolved into PA CareerLink which basically eliminated the Unemployment Offices. As a result, people who are on unemployment can only access the service through the Internet or on the phone.”

Several accessible services that are provided by the center include resume writing, career development plans, employment search assistance, and networking to help concentrate on all of the aspects which aid in going into the workforce.

In January, Mike Caputo, a career consultant at Delaware County Community Office of Employment and Training presented a workshop titled “PA CareerLink Orientation.”

Nearly all 15 seats were filled in the Workforce Entry Center’s lecture room.

“This orientation helps people looking to advance themselves in the job market,” said an attendee and employee for QA Quality Insurance for Pharmaceutical Insurance, who preferred to be addressed by his first name “Joe.”

Caputo explained there are certain guidelines one must follow to be considered for career training such as attending an orientation program and registering for an account on the JobGateway system, in order to access a list of programs available for people to attend.

According to Bond, when people are attending an orientation program it is essential to go for a training program that is approved by the state. “Where the wages are pretty good, you can get full-time work in the career field of your choice if it remains stable and cultivates,” she said.

The WEC also has additional services located in their Career Resource Center. The center provides the service of internet access computers with Office Suite program and an ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) software which helps students who are hearing and visually impaired along with other beneficial resources accessible.

During the seminar, Caputo highlighted several workshops and information sessions which the WEC presents to provide people with the chance to acquire training in the career of their choice.

These workshops include the Resume I – The Basics and Resume II – Self Marketing.

Resume I – The Basics workshop is designed to help people who need assistance with writing a resume or how to display a resume to future employers. Resume II – The Self–Marketing seminar gives people the chance to learn how to communicate effectively to hiring managers.

Toward the end of the presentation, Caputo spoke briefly about popular careers in need of qualified applicants. These careers include allied health, manufacturing, hospitality, and the IT communication industry on the JobGateway.

“Sometimes people have to choose a career because of the shrinking opportunities available,” Caputo said. “Our goal is to get people back to work as quickly as possible.”

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